New camp reaches out to Next Generation

By June 7, 2010

International (MNN) — Since the 1960s in Puerto Rico and the 1980s in Bolivia, Grace Ministries International has held camps during the summer and throughout the rest of the year in addition to their other programs. This summer, Grace Ministries, for the first time, will be holding summer camps for the youth of Tanzania .

Sam Vinton, executive director at Grace Ministries, said their facilities in Puerto Rico are used for events and groups year round, but at the end of June, they will be hosting four summer camps. Three of the camps will be in Spanish and the other in English.

In Bolivia, Grace Ministries also holds camps and other events throughout the year. However, their facilities are in much need of repair, and this summer, teams will be traveling to the country to work on renovations for one week and conduct camp another week.

Half-way across the globe, Grace Ministries will be starting up camps in three locations across Tanzania with the aid of five U.S. students. Mainly, these camps will be reaching out to the youth of Tanzanian.

Vinton said all of the camps have Christ at the center of their programs: "That's a very strong focus: evangelism, outreach of the Gospel, as well as helping the young people grow."

With the new camps in Tanzania, they hope not only to challenge these youth in their faith, but then empower then to become leaders for the Next Generation. "This is a great outreach we have with young people [and] training of leaders at the same time. And naturally, we trust that the Lord will use these ministries to bring many to Christ," Vinton said.

As leaders, they can take what they have learned back to their communities, positively impacting the individuals and ministry there: "The focus is training people who can carry this message back to their youth groups and run programs in their local churches," Vinton said.

By impacting these youth, they can set the course for the entire nation's church and its future.

Pray for the youth and workers attending each of these camps. Pray for wisdom and guidance in this new ministry in Tanzania.

Also, you can click here if you or someone you know would be interested in helping with camps in any of these three countries.

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