Summer camps’ impact reaches far beyond childhood

By July 12, 2011

North America (MNN) — Summer means camp season for many children, teens, and even adults across North America.

This summer, Bible Centered Ministries will host about a dozen camps over an eight-week period in the U.S. and Canada.

CEO Marty Windle says BCM has about 35 camping programs worldwide.

"We have camps that focus on evangelism through the teaching of English. We have camps that are focused on reaching special needs people groups. We have camps in multiple languages. We have camps for young people," says Windle. "In Holland, we have an interesting camp that is designed for people who are over 60 years of age."

Many of their camps focus on what's known as the 4/14 Window–a demographic of two billion people identified by their age: four to fourteen years. Statistics show that 80% of Christ followers accept the Gospel during this Window.

Windle says camps are a perfect segue to people accepting Christ.

"When you get them at camp where you have their undivided attention not only to help them interact with each other and God's creation through the nature that surrounds them, but expose them to the life-changing message that comes through the Scriptures, there's no choice but to change your life."

Even if kids don't seem to grasp the Truth right away, the impact is lasting. "It's remarkable to me that the impact that camps have may not be immediately apparent in the lives of people. But as we go through the years, you begin to see that what happened at camp changes the lives of people as they grow older," says Windle.

This summer, BCM will reach hundreds with the Gospel, and you can get involved. To be directly involved, consider joining as a counselor or a cook. If you can't afford the time off, consider sponsoring a child's camp fee–about $250-$350 pays for a child's camp experience. Kids coming from the inner city are especially in need of this assistance.

Perhaps the most vital need is for prayer. Pray for the right personnel to join, for financial needs to be met, for good weather, for safety in transportation, and for hearts to be open to the Gospel message.

Learn more about getting directly involved with BCM summer camps at

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