Summer Interns make ‘Eternal Impact’

By August 18, 2010

Ireland (MNN) — Across the western world, it seems people
are growing more and more numb to the message of Christ. This, coupled with
people who call themselves Christians but act nothing like Christ, is
presenting ministries with a challenge.

Now more than ever they are struggling to relay the Gospel
in a way that will create interest and be relevant, especially in the lives of
youth. Ministries are in search of creative ways to catch these kids attention.

One approach is through radio and other media. Aware of
the above issues, questions surface, like how do you make Christian radio
appeal to non-believers? How much or how little do you say about God? Which
words do you use, and what topics should be addressed?

Summer interns to Ireland with HCJB Global faced these
questions and more as they participated in a program
called "Eternal Impact."

Partnering with LifeFM in Cork, Ireland, David Uhles,
director of HCJB Global Europe/Eurasia Region, said they filtered everything
through a non-Christian perspective.

Over three weeks, Doug Leasure, Jonathan Peters and Shane O'Regan
were trained in radio production, produced a live program that aired on LifeFM
and volunteered at the station.

During their live program, one of the interns received a text
from a listener who had questions about God. After the program, the station
was able to follow up with him and send him materials.

Through their experience, these three interns not only
learned about the inner workings of a radio station, but they also learned more
about media ministry and some unique ways to reach youth for Christ.

HCJB Global plans to repeat this program again next summer
and is looking for willing participants from across Europe. Click here to visit the
HCJB Global Web site if you are interested.

Pray that the interns' work over the three weeks will continue to bear fruit for eternity.

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