Super Bowl outreach

By January 2, 2009

USA (MNN) — Sports Fan Outreach needs more people to help with its Super Bowl
Outreach event on January 29 – February 1. About 150 to 200 people are already planning to come, but there is room
for 225.

"If you have two of us down there and we're in the middle of
100,000, that's very difficult," Bill Adams explained. "You have 200 people in the middle of 100,000,
and you have lots of opportunities to talk one on one. And because it's a unique event, some people
are looking; and that's what makes it this sort of grand opportunity."

Those who attend the event will experience three and a half
days of teaching from seven renowned evangelists, as well as the opportunity to
witness to people and sports fans all over Tampa. 

People from every corner of the nation have signed up to go
— from Georgia, Michigan, Texas, and California. $225 covers all expenses in Tampa, including
transportation and two meals a day, once participants get there. 

"We've created sort of a logistics-free experience, once
somebody gets down there," Adams said. "I'm personally looking forward to the
fellowship and the community that'll develop out of all this. And out of that, we'll
spring forward to seven different locations in Tampa…[including] the stadium in
downtown Tampa, where we'll spend at least eight hours a day witnessing. That's
the main focus of the trip." 

The troubled economy may actually open up more opportunities
for witnessing, Adams said. While many people will attend Super Bowl
XLIII, they will not party as much as they usually do. 

"There'll be a lot of people but a less-festive
environment, actually making it easier spiritually for us to communicate the
Gospel," Adams said. "I believe that's something that God has set
up for us."

People who attend the Super Bowl are relatively open to the

"They're as open there as they are anywhere. There's more distractions, but people come
looking. They are not in their routine,
and so they've come to Tampa,
and they are just looking for interesting people, interesting stories. So there's no resistance, inherently, in the
nature of the event to keep us from going."

Adams believes the Super
Bowl is a valuable opportunity to share the Gospel, and he would love to have more
people join the group. 

"I personally believe the Super Bowl is one of those unique
events in the history of the nation every year where it captures people's
attention, and they're going to come to the city," he said. "So we're definitely looking for people. It's a phenomenal time. This is my eighth
one. If you have a desire to evangelize,
or a passion to evangelize already, it is a perfect set-up for you."

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to register today. 

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