Survey: Many US adults not familiar with the biblical story

By August 26, 2020

USA (MNN) — A new survey suggests that while as many as half of U.S. adults do believe in some idea of eternal life (Heaven, bodily resurrection, etc.), a significantly lower number believes it comes only from the death and resurrection of Jesus.

It’s not that many people don’t have contact with the Bible, Greg Yoder of Keys for Kids Ministries says. But they haven’t encountered it as the story of what Jesus has done. “It’s not enough to share a story about biblical truth. But it is the whole Gospel. It is Knowing that Adam and Eve sinned, that they couldn’t keep the law, nor can anyone. That because we fall short of that law, we had to have a sacrifice. And the only perfect sacrifice we could have is Jesus Christ, who came to Earth who lived a perfect life, who died a sinner’s death. He was buried, and he rose again, and he is alive.”

(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids Ministries)

Yoder says that’s why Keys for Kids exists. “We’re sharing the Gospel. We’re helping kids grow in their faith. We want that to happen. And then we want to give them the ability to defend their faith. So by the time they begin reading [Keys for Kids] and by the time they stop reading Unlocked at 18 or 19 years old, we hope that they not only know who Jesus is, they not only know the Gospel, but they can  share it with their friends and family.”

False narratives

When churches don’t treat the Bible as the story of Jesus and His love for us, Yoder says, it can be used to prop up false ideologies. “You know the churches who are talking about the prosperity gospel, that if you do these things that you’ll have all this money come back to you. And if you do all these wonderful things, it will be returned multiple times.”

Pray that through Keys for Kids and Unlocked, many would see the Bible as Jesus’ story, and find their place in it. Now, with COVID-19 disrupting prosperity, many are searching. “Ever since COVID, the demand for our material has skyrocketed. At one point it was 300% over the previous year. And as we look ahead to more homeschool families (Because of COVID) we need to make sure that we have the resources and the material that we need to get it in the hands of family members. Because we’re seeing more family time than ever before in probably modern American history.”

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The header photo shows a stained glass window depicting a biblical scene. (Image by Andrea Don from Pixabay)