TeachBeyond considering how AI could help further reveal God to students

By April 16, 2024

International (MNN) — In the world of education, AI is a strong tool whose impact is rising. But is it a tool for service, or is it a tool for cheating?

David Durance with TeachBeyond says the answer is yes to both. 

“Fundamentally, we want to be committed to this idea of our educational environments pointing people to Christ. So if we start with that premise, the question then doesn’t become whether AI is bad or good. But it’s saying ‘What part of this can be used to further reveal to our students the fullness of God’s creation, His redemptive work around us?’”

Durance says educators today are much more comfortable with the presence of AI than they would have been five years ago. 

“After going through a pandemic where we had to really rip up the playbook, start over and figure out how to deliver education, now when we see AI, I think our schools and our teachers are not shocked,” he says.

TeachBeyond has served in 64 countries around the world. (Photo courtesy of TeachBeyond via Facebook)

“It’s much more (like) ‘Okay, this is the next wave of change that we didn’t anticipate. It’s certainly a challenge. But we want to really press into that and figure out how we can “harness” this to deliver the objectives we’re trying to do in the classroom.’” 

Durance says the missional aspect about this situation isn’t actually about AI itself. It’s about teaching students how to evaluate what the world offers us, doing that from a Christian worldview.

How can you respond to the onset of AI? The first thing is simple: take a deep breath. 

“Let’s give ourselves time — time to understand this, time to work through the issues and figure out how we can best use this,” Durance says. 

Second, be informed. Durance tells us, “Especially if you’re a parent raising kids, you want to get ahead of this so you understand what your kids are experiencing and what they can do with this — and actually become even comfortable with it (yourself).”

Finally, pray for leaders who are already speaking into the flood of questions surrounding AI. 

“There is obviously going to be some sort of legislative work coming around AI and what it can and should not do. We see that battle already beginning,” Durance says. 

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