TeachBeyond launches the Sparrow Project

By December 9, 2021

Africa (MNN) — TeachBeyond is launching the Sparrow Project, aimed at equipping rural schools across Africa.

The name comes from the words of Jesus when He said that God cares for the sparrows. Like these birds, most people don’t think about or notice African schools.

Tamera Peters explains. “The Sparrow Project aims at servicing schools that we call sparrow schools. Especially in the developing world, these are schools that are unseen, under-resourced, schools that we just walk by. There are thousands of them, but we just don’t see them.”

Christian schools

Specifically, the Sparrow Project will train and support the staff at Christian schools. The training will last 2-3 years.

Peters says Africa has a lot of Christian schools. But some of them lack quality education with a Jesus-centered worldview. “Because what tends to happen is people separate their academic with their spiritual life. It’s like this dualism: we live our Christian world, our Christian life, on a Sunday or at a Bible study. But in a school context, there’s total separation.”

In fact, Peters encourages readers to consider their own worldviews. Does the death and resurrection of Jesus matter from Monday-Saturday? Or does that only come into focus on Sundays?

“What is my worldview? Am I acting out of that? Or am I acting out of other stories in my life that have taken a lot of space and room?”

Get involved


Pray many schools will thrive across Africa as a result of the Sparrow Project. Peters says, “Maybe when you see a sparrow, you’ll remember to pray for these schools. There are hundreds or even thousands of them throughout Africa. Pray for them. They’re eager to learn, but sometimes don’t know exactly how to do it.”

Plus, you can support the Sparrow Project by donating here.



Header photo courtesy of TeachBeyond on Facebook.

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