Teachers work together to provide unique outreach in India.

By October 15, 2004

India (MNN)–A teachers training conference in India resulted in an unexpected partnership.

Worldwide Christian Schools’ Scott Vanderkooy says the meeting brought together believers from all walks of life.

What was exciting, Vanderkooy explains, was that, “The groups all pledged to work together to eliminated physical and economic barriers to Christian education so that, Lord willing, within our lifetime, every single person, every single people group within India will have access to Christian education.”

Vanderkooy goes on to say they want to help resource the schools working in areas known to be hostile to Christians. They asked the question, “‘What do you need to build in the love of Christ into your school’s life?’ That means different things for different areas, certainly within India. Some schools can be overtly Christian. There are other schools that we would still call schools with ‘Christian intent’ who are unable to be that overt.”

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