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By March 13, 2014
(Image courtesy Heather Haupt/TSC)

(Image courtesy Heather Haupt/TSC)

USA (TSC/MNN) — What is poverty? If you answered “a condition of being poor,” you’re right. Taken one step further, what is spiritual poverty?

According to The Seed Company, a billion people around the world don’t have access to the full Bible in their own language. The fact remains that there are still 4500 languages in need of translation, making the goal of access seem hopeless.

While it isn’t feasible to search person-to-person to ferret out a Bible translator in the 10/40 window, somehow God always provides a team willing to translate the Bible into their language. This has happened almost 1000 times with The Seed Company. God builds the team through the local church and international partners, and gives them both the desire and ability to translate.

That’s good news, and there are two precious resources this response requires: time and money. Once the team is assembled, the time has been drastically reduced through the cluster translation approach and new technology. As for fundraising, it takes foresight and communication.

This month, The Seed Company is inviting kids to step up get involved to help #EndBiblePoverty.

(Image courtesy Heather Haupt)

(Image courtesy Heather Haupt)

The bloggers behind ohAmanda & Cultivated Lives have joined together for a powerful Monthly Mission: raising funds to support Bible translation for the Tagasa language cluster in Southeast Asia. Their goal: $1,000.   

On their blogs, they outline the steps that can be taken to make these teachable moments for everyone involved.

Background on Tagasa: when Christopher Columbus left Spain, he was not looking for a new continent but for the Spice Islands, of which the home of the Tagasa people is a part. More recently, this volcanic island region became a resettlement area for people of different religions in a move to ease a population crisis in another part of the region.

In 1998, ethnic conflict resulting from the resettlement erupted into a bloody war that lasted until 2002. Religious tensions still run high. Completing the Bible for three people groups and helping implement and publicize an already-completed Bible for a fourth will provide a major tool for deepened faith and effective outreach in a turbulent region.

It takes just three minutes to start your own campaign. Click here to begin yours.

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