Team continues work in Liberian community

By November 5, 2009

Liberia (MNN) — When years of civil war finally ended in
Liberia in 2003, the country was in desperate need of hope and restoration.

Immediately following the war, Sammy Tippit Ministries saw
these needs and started providing help for the community of Lower Virginia.
Evangelist Sammy Tippit said the community was an
excellent place to begin their work because it was close to the capital of
Monrovia, yet it still lacked resources.

"We're approaching [the] community in a very holistic way in
which we're trying to make a great impact spiritually, economically, medically,
educationally–in every way. And we were able to accomplish a great bit of that
during that time," Tippit said.

That time he spoke of was his team's fifth visit to the
country since they began their work there.

They returned from their most recent visit two weeks ago. While
there, Tippit held an evangelistic meeting, his son led a conference for
students, and the team held a pastor's conference.

"We saw many, many people come to Christ," Tippit said about
the evangelistic meeting.

In addition to these gatherings, they repaired and drilled
several wells for the community, set up micro-financing for war widows, and
provided scholarships for some of the children.

While the team was only in Liberia several weeks, Tippit
said the work still continues after they have left.

Through their Liberia Now program, the work is continued in
Liberia by Liberians themselves. Tippit said the work is the Liberians own, and
when teams come in about every six months, they simply infuse the Liberians
with resources, man-power, motivation and assistance to ensure the building and
growing will continue for years to come.

Tippit said he hopes the work they have started in Liberia
will eventually spread to all of West Africa and eventually the whole

"The primary education language of Liberia is English, and they're
very favorable toward Americans. So it just seems a perfect place to attempt
to do this, and we're hoping that this whole concept will spread throughout
Africa," he said.

However, this work cannot continue without the support and
prayers of people like you.

Pray for STM and the Liberians as they continue the work in
Liberia and as they try to transform an entire community with the saving power
of Christ's love.

You can also click here to donate to STM or help out
specifically by sponsoring a child or digging a well.

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