Teams dared to brave wilderness

By August 8, 2012

USA (MNN) — Are you a junkie for the popular television show, The Amazing Race? Teams race around the world to complete challenges and win a cash prize.

Or maybe you’re inspired by stories of missionaries who travel jungles and brave rivers to bring the Gospel to remote tribes.

Something about facing incredible, physical challenges in a race against time captures our attention. However, few people can actually picture themselves doing something like that.

But did you know that you can do the exact same thing…in the United States?

Next month, Wycliffe Bible Translators is hosting Race to 2025 for young adults. The race will be at Cran-Hill Ranch in Rodney, Central Michigan from September 14-16.

Four-person, coed teams will compete in the ultimate adventure race over two days tackling mountain and wilderness challenges to beat the clock and other teams. Team members will not only earn prizes, but also support Bible translation efforts and learn about the world of linguistics.

While racers rappel from perilous heights and face rugged trails and rivers, they must search for a remote "Bibleless" tribe. When a team makes contact with the tribe, the villagers will share an ethnic meal with them, and team members must conduct a simulated language survey. Teams will then race to the finish with their linguistic information.

Each night, veteran missionaries will share stories with the teams about lives ministering the Gospel in rough areas, along with their work with languages and linguistics.

Funds raised by teams go toward Wycliffe Bible translation efforts for the Ring Language Cluster in Cameroon. Each team must commit to raise a minimum of $2,000.

Prizes will be given for the most money raised and the fastest team to cross the finish line, along with other categories.

Race to 2025 was inspired by intense language survey trips in remote areas around the world done by Wycliffe linguists. There are still 340 million people in 2,078 secluded language groups who don’t have Scriptures in their heart language.

Through this race, Wycliffe hopes to boost awareness of people waiting for God’s Word in their heart language, develop a close community of young adults with a passion for Bible translation, and ultimately raise $40,000 for Bible translation in Cameroon.

An intermediate level of fitness is recommended.

Think you can handle the challenge? Click here to learn more.

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