Teams return with reports of praise and hope

By January 1, 2014
(Image courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

(Image courtesy Vision Beyond Borders)

SE Asia (MNN) — Short-term mission teams are returning from southeast Asia with stories of hope and praise.

A Vision Beyond Borders medical team helped Burmese refugees who hadn’t seen a doctor in over two years.

“I saw healing and evil spirits cast out of people that I was touching and praying for,” one team member shared. “Sounds crazy, but it happened.”

Another VBB team smuggled Bibles into a closed country.

“They know what we’re up to by now and are cracking down, but God is blinding they’re eyes!” shared a member of this team. “Yesterday I got through with two huge roller bags and walked past a lot of guards; it seemed like they didn’t even see me.

“We were praying like crazy that they would be distracted. When we got to security, they were having some kind of party, and most of them weren’t around.”

Pray that more Christians will get involved in missions.

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