Technology is allowing the Gospel into homes in the Middle East and North Africa

By April 8, 2005

M. East/N. Africa (MNN) — It’s being called a global information revolution. Technology is making the world so small. Getting information into most areas of the world takes a fraction of the time it used to take. Satellite technology is making that possible and it’s allowing SAT-7, Christian satellite television for the Middle East and North Africa, to reach even more people.

Acting Director of SAT-7 Debbie Brink says newspaper and television reports support this. She tells us about a report from NBC’s Andrea Mitchell. “Satellite dishes are multiplying beaming images of free speech to millions of people. And, she interviewed a man who said, ‘once we have a satellite it’s just rays of freedom, rays of democracy.’ And, of course, we know true freedom comes from Christ.” And, that’s the message that SAT-7 is beaming into homes every day.

According to Brink, their uncensored information getting into homes. Research has shown recently that about 10 million people are watching SAT-7 on a regular basis throughout the region.”

Brink says this new found freedom their viewers are experiencing may also encourage them to think about the Christian faith. “I think they recognize that there’s more than just political freedom they’re seeking. God is working in the peoples lives, He’s providing the source of information and He’s working in their hearts,” says Brink.

Funding new programming and raising money to stay on the air is a challenge. “It costs us about $75,000 a month to be on the air. With the number of viewers that we think we have and how much that costs by a minute by minute basis you can reach 50 people with a gift of $50, every day for a year.”

If you’d like to help SAT-7 do just that, click on the highlighted link above.

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