Technology usage on the field supports church leaders

By February 12, 2009

International (MNN) — Millions
of pastors and church leaders in the developing world have little or no formal
Bible training. Some live in isolated creative access areas. Yet new churches are emerging rapidly in
these areas as God moves among so many people groups.

Mission Aviation Fellowship-Learning
Technologies (MAF-LT)
created a solution by putting thousands of Bible
resources on solar MP3 players and USB thumb drives. The material is encrypted,
masked in such a way that if the thumb drive were examined, nothing Christian
would be found. 

MAF-LT is on track toward
developing a way to place the entire Bible in a number of languages on

A pastor or Christian leader will
be able to transmit the entire Bible from his cellphone to another leader's
cellphone in a completely inconspicuous manner. If he were raided, authorities
would find only a cellphone.

It's a project that needs support
in order to ensure that these church leaders, who would never be able to buy
the resources, can still get the tools they need. A gift of $50 will provide one MP3 solar
player, uploaded with God's Story and the New Testament in a pastor's
heart language.

$100 will provide 10 UBS thumb
drives uploaded with 2,800 biblical resources or send an isolated pastor
to a training workshop on oral storying (teaching the Gospel orally).

$800 will fully equip a
developing world pastor with such resources as a computer, MP3 player with
rechargeable solar batteries, audio equipment, a hard drive uploaded with
thousands of biblical resources, USB thumb drives, and a face-to-face workshop
on storying when appropriate.

You can help. Click here for details.

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