Teens from the United States and Canada helped lead hundreds to Christ in Camaroon.

By October 14, 2003

Cameroon (MNN) — Young people in Cameroon are turning to Christ thanks to 16 young people from the United States and Canada. Tom Maher is with Teen Mission International . He says this was the second year for the camp, “(they trained) 122 young people came to the boot camp (in Camaroon).”

The boot camp was part of training offered by these North American teens to help national young people understand effective evangelistic techniques.

Maher says, “We had five teams of about 25 on each team.” He says, “They did some training with the national young people in drama, puppets, and music classes. And, the results after the summer of their boot camp they went out and did door to door evangelism and they saw over 3,000 people come to know Christ through their efforts.” Maher says the national teens were very effective, “It seems like the just loved sharing Christ door to door.”

According to Maher young people need to be involved in evangelism because 60-percent of the population is under the age of 18. He says there’s one major step that needs prayer. “We’re preparing to run a Bible school in 2004. And so, hopefully we’ll have a dozen or so students from our boot camp wanting to serve the Lord and be a missionary.”

Maher says prayer is needed for the staff that they will be effective in helping disciple many of these new believers. He says they also need funding to help build and support the Teen Mission’s Bible school.

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