Tent Schools International funding a truck school in Lebanon

By February 26, 2021

Lebanon (MNN ) — You’ve heard about tents schools, but what about school in a truck? That’s a new project from Tent Schools International.

Photo courtesy of Tent Schools International.

Anne Hamming says the truck will be able to reach refugee kids anywhere in Lebanon. “Our partner in Lebanon has had a fair amount of success reaching out to Syrian refugees with schools in shipping containers that he has set up in or on the perimeter of different refugee camps. However, with time, we’ve learned that there is a problem with that system because the refugee camps can actually be disbanded with pretty short notice.”

“Basically, there are several camps that have a lease on farmland. And the farmer sometimes just says, ‘I’m done with this.’”

At different times, the truck will be used to train kids of different ages, including teaching trade skills to young adults. When the truck isn’t being used for school, it won’t sit idle. Hamming says, “It can be used to help meet any of several dire needs in Lebanon right now. Lebanon has been on lockdown. And they’ve only partially reopened, where only banks and grocery stores are open right now.”

Photo courtesy of Tent Schools International.

Tent Schools has finished funding for the project, and the truck school should be rolling around Lebanon by sometime this summer. If the project goes well, Hamming says they hope to replicate this format in other countries as well.

Visit the Tent Schools International website to find out how you can get involved. And pray the care of Christians for refugee kids will point many to Jesus.



The header photo shows concept art for the project. (Photo courtesy of Tent Schools International)

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