Terrorist insurgencies threaten stability in Afghanistan

By October 6, 2022

Afghanistan (MNN) — Western nations voice concerns about extremist groups in Afghanistan. They accuse the Taliban of not keeping its promises.

Multiple factions in Afghanistan refuse to accept the Taliban’s interim government, launching insurgencies that jeopardize stability. For example, the Islamic State in Khorasan Province increasingly targets mosques and minorities.

No groups officially claimed the attacks that targeted mosques and civilians on September 2, September 21, and September 23. However, each carried elements similar to the Russian embassy bombing that Islamic State terrorists claimed on September 5.

Secret believers press on despite the risks around them. Hossein* with Heart4Afghanistan talks often with Christians inside the country. One believer told him fear gave way to boldness long ago. “He’s doing evangelism, talking with people, and I said, ‘please be careful because of the situation and your security,’” Hossein says.

“He said, ‘I’m not afraid of death or persecution because this is what the Gospel taught me.’ It was very encouraging, and also, it was a challenge for me.”

Heart4Iran launched Heart4Afghanistan this summer, introducing Afghans to the hope of Jesus. “We are reaching the country in different ways; through the social networks, satellite, and media; we have a 24/7 line to call,” Hossein says.

(Photo courtesy of Heart4Iran)

“When the Taliban took over last year, the Lord spoke to me, saying ‘It is time to give effort [and] all your time to Afghanistan.’”

Co-led by Hossein and his wife, Heart4Afghanistan offers a lifeline to desperate Afghans. “It is hopeless [in Afghanistan] because of the situation with the Taliban. Many people are hopeless because they don’t see the future, especially the young generation,” Hossein says.

You can help Afghan Christians through Heart4Afghanistan.

Ask the Lord to protect His followers inside Afghanistan. Pray they will remain faithful despite persecution.


*Name withheld for security purposes.



Header and story images courtesy of Heart4Iran.

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