Terrorists warn South Korean missionaries to stay out of the Middle East.

By August 9, 2004

South Korea (MNN)–South Korea’s missions movement is active around the world. The church body responds quickly to felt needs.

That was never more true than when physical and spiritual needs began coming to light throughout the Middle East following events in 2001.

However, Seoul is telling its missionaries and humanitarian aid groups to stay out of the Middle East for now.

The order comes, according published reports, after terrorists in Iraq threatened retaliation for evangelistic activity.

Deputy Foreign Minister Lee Soo Hyuck explains that their concern stems from a repeated threat made by extremists. “Terrorists will act against South Korea if they find South Koreans have entered Iraq for the purpose of propagating Christianity.”

South Korea advised all its civilians in Iraq to leave after terrorists executed a South Korean interpreter Kim Sun Il, who was in Iraq working for a trading company while earning money for seminary.

The terrorists demanded that South Korea withdraw its troops serving in Iraq. Meanwhile, South Korea continues its support of the US-led effort to quell the threat in Iraq.
The government re-issued its warning this week, even as preparations were well under way for thousands of South Korean troops to be deployed to the war-torn country.

Pray for those South Koreans involved in outreach in the area, and for the future of those ministries. Mission groups have indicated that because of the instability created by the fighting, many people in the Middle East are open to the hope of Christ.

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