Testimonies and Scripture guide spouses through difficulty

By August 21, 2007

United States (MNN) — When a spouse is deployed for military duty, the husband or wife that is left behind faces many obstacles. That's why International Bible Society/Send the Light ministry has created a Bible just for them.

Issues like anger often arise when spouses are deployed. Thirteen testimonies from
military spouses are the key factor in Finding Hope Beyond the Battle. Chuck Adams, a retired army chaplain, said the testimonies tell how "the Word of God and their faith in God has helped them get through a variety of challenges, difficulties, and problems while the
service member has been deployed."

"At the end of each story there are four Scripture references with page numbers to direct the reader into Scripture to help and encourage them with the problem they're dealing with," Adams said. It is also divided into The Five Great Acts of the Bible, which separates the Bible into major books and history.

A majority of those left behind are young women with children. Staying behind requires them to deal with all the household responsibilities which were previously shared.

"The reception as I've shown some preview copies to the chaplains has been excitement and enthusiasm, and it's just pretty overwhelming," said Adams. 

"We are hoping to draw these family members who are not normally believers or Bible readers into the Word of God," Adams said. 

If you know anyone who is in need of this Bible, tell them that they are available free from their local army chaplain. This is possible since the first print run of 50,000 was completely covered by donations. If you'd like to donate to the second printing, click here.  100% of donations go toward the ministry.

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