Regular viewers get uplifting message

By August 21, 2007

Lebanon (MNN) — Humor is one way to open the door to people's hearts. SAT-7's new sitcom Mayli Min Kil Aileh will air this fall on SAT-7 ARABIC.

The name means that every situation can be looked at in a few ways. The series features an
ordinary family dealing with ordinary issues like lying, smoking, and hypochondria. 

The show is not too heavy but rather uplifting and relevant all at the same time, according to Program Director Rita El Mounayer. "The main purpose of the show is to make you reflect on important issues as you laugh about them! It is not a heavy drama, and the story, even when dealing with sad issues, will lift your spirit," she said.

By attracting viewers to a show on a regular basis, SAT-7 is able to accomplish part of their goal:  "To build bridges between different religions by explaining the Christian faith ‘with gentleness and respect' to a wider general audience that has few other sources for accurate information about Christ and His followers."

The scriptwriter is a wellknown Christian actor and singer, Fady Tabet. Tabet is also the General Director of Voice of Charity, a Christian radio station.

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