Texas Church shares Jesus and food

By January 6, 2023

USA (MNN) — At a Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, Christians recently explored new ways to fulfill the Great Commission.

Brad Prizer, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications with e3 Partners attends the church. He says they take one Sunday each year to serve in the community. Congregants split off into groups to work with different ministries in the city.

This year, Prizer’s group worked with a ministry called Grace to Go. He says, “Grace to Go takes food donated by different organizations, gathers it together, takes it to a government-subsidized housing apartment complex, and disperses food to the people who live there.”

“Because many times it’s very hard for them to feed their families with the limited incomes that they have.”

During the barbeque, about 60 people from the church sat down and shared the story of Jesus and His work in the world. All of them had gone through a brief e3 Partners training course about how to share their faith.

During the training, people were taught to communicate using a simple circle drawing. It shows God’s creation of the world, humans bringing chaos, and God bringing redemption through Jesus.

They also get prayer requests from people and talk about their lives. Prizer says, “We know of at least three Gospel conversations during that time. So we praise the Lord for that. Now, in the future, we’re going to change the way we’re doing Serve Sunday in our church.”

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(Header photo courtesy of moerschy from Pixabay)

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