Russia planning to “turn the tides” of war in Ukraine

By January 5, 2023

Ukraine (MNN) — Russia launches a new wave of airstrikes on Ukrainian infrastructure as Ukraine targets Russian forces based in occupied Crimea. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says Russia plans to “turn the tide” of its war on Ukraine by mobilizing troops for a new offensive.

Ukraine expects prolonged attacks from Russia as payback for its largest deadly assault so far in the war. At least 89 Russian soldiers died during a Ukrainian missile strike on New Year’s Eve.

Now, Zelenskyy tells his people – including the Trans World Radio Ukraine team – to hold on.

“It’s tiring for the team; the threat is there every day,” Dirk Mueller with TWR Europe says.

“Sometimes, they don’t even know if they still will be alive the next day.”

Light in the darkness

Russian missiles hit a nearby power station during one recent recording at the studio in Kyiv. When the program aired, listeners could hear explosions in the background. Another airstrike plunged the team into total darkness while they were recording a children’s program. Thankfully, a generator kept the equipment running, and a young boy who served as the presenter read his script by flashlight.

TWR’s Ukraine-Russia Crisis Fund is being used to purchase more-reliable internet connections – most of the team’s output is dependent on the internet and electricity – and an uninterruptible power supply. It will also help cover the cost of running and maintaining a diesel generator, which was ordered and shared by the Christian organization with whom TWR Ukraine also shares office space.
(Photo, caption courtesy of TWR)

The TWR Ukraine team is “eager to continue to produce, and they do so daily,” Mueller says.

“I’m thankful we were able to purchase some generators, and Starlink helps them to stay connected to the Wi-Fi.”

Learn how you can help believers in Ukraine here.

The team’s diligence is paying off. “We get so much feedback because people are eager to hear hope in this crisis,” Mueller says.

“There is no believer in Ukraine who doesn’t know about our broadcast.”

Ask the Lord to keep blessing TWR Ukraine with creativity, courage, and stamina as they produce radio and social media programs. Pray for believers in Russia and Belarus as they bring the Gospel and sound Bible teaching to listeners who need it just as much as the Ukrainians.

“My prayer request is through these programs, A) Christians will be encouraged, and B) nonbelievers will understand that there is a God out there that is powerful and who loves them,” Mueller says.

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In the header image, the TWR Ukraine team explores basement shelters, which have not only become common in this time of war but have even begun serving as makeshift studios for content production. (Photo, caption courtesy of TWR)

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