Ukraine update: TWR team ministers in mortal danger

By December 23, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskyy hopes his whirlwind trip to the United States will secure another major investment in his country’s defense. Both chambers of Congress are set to vote on a federal funding bill that contains $44.9 billion in military and economic aid for Ukraine.

Ukraine’s top military leader says Russia could make a new push to take the capital in January. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rare visit to ally Belarus heightens suspicions of a pending offensive. Moscow has hosted every presidential meeting since 2019.

The United States promises to send another aid package to Ukraine; this one will include “smart bomb” kits and Patriot missiles. The defense support could arrive as early as this week.

“This is about sending a message to Putin and sending a message to the world that America will be there for Ukraine for as long as it takes,” a senior administration official said.

Meanwhile, the power’s still out in half of the Kyiv region following relentless bombings earlier this week. “I just got a video from one of our team members, and it showed a lot of shelling in the Kyiv area; it was quite intense,” Trans World Radios Dirk Mueller says.

Between attacks, TWR Ukraine broadcasts the hope of Christ on radio and social media.

“It’s not an ‘eight-to-five’ job. They record and produce whenever they can because of the power outages,” Mueller explains.

“It’s very difficult to plan the production because sometimes there’s no light, no electricity. I receive pictures of our staff working by candlelight.”

The TWR Ukraine team recently partnered with another Christian ministry to purchase a backup power supply.

TWR Ukraine team members prepare to record programs in their makeshift studio space amid rolling power outages and continued missile attacks.
(Photo, caption courtesy of TWR)

“We are providing the diesel, and they provide the generator. That keeps them a bit more independent from outages,” Mueller says.

You can support believers in the war zone through TWR’s Crisis Fund. Most importantly, pray. Ask the Lord to protect believers as they put together a new program called “How Are You?”

“Our teams go out to the war zones where the conflict is happening, and they are interviewing people, taking footage, and pointing to Jesus Christ. They need protection and for God to put angels around them,” Mueller says.




Header image depicts damages in Dovhenke. This village was one of the key points on the way of Russian army to Sloviansk and Kramatorsk. It changed hands several times and was under Russian occupation. Most of the houses and World War II memorial were destroyed; explosive objects are found in yards, gardens and on the streets. Just 8 people (of about 1,000 pre-war population) plan to spend the winter in the village. (Wikimedia Commons)