Thai man’s crops and faith thrive

By June 12, 2009

Thailand (MNN) — Ten years ago, Shua, a Christian man from Thailand, and his village were deeply impoverished. They had barely enough crops to eat, let alone make a profit.

However, FARMS International came into their area and began to help Shua’s family, church and the whole village.

With a loan from FARMS, Shua was able to buy corn seed and use it for cash crop to make a profit. Before the loan, Shua and his family had only planted rice for themselves.

“My house was very small. I had no vehicle. But over the years because of the FARMS loan program, I am making a profit; now I even have a pickup truck! The Lord has really blessed me and my family,” Shua said to FARMS.

Shua now has fruit trees and fish ponds at his hillside farm, where he uses SALT technology (Sloping Agricultural Land Technology) to prevent erosion and make the soil more productive.

Having a truck has made it easier for Shua to farm. In addition, he uses the truck for evangelism, driving to the three surrounding villages. Through this, two families have come to Christ. Shua said because the families are so large, they have twenty new converts.

“Just recently, we have been able to buy a piece of land to build a new church building,” Shua also told FARMS. “We see that there are still many villages that have not had the opportunity to know about Jesus, and we have a real desire to bring our Lord to them.”

You can help more families like Shua’s in Thailand and twelve other countries. When you donate to FARMS, your money is used to help start new programs and fund loan programs.

To read about other families who have been impacted by FARMS, go to their Website. To donate to FARMS, click here.

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