Thailand flood toll tops 600

By November 22, 2011

Thailand (MNN) —
Thailand is still experiencing flooding in the Bangkok area. The death
toll tops 600, and damages are estimated around $10 billion dollars.

According to government reports, 18 provinces are still
underwater, including the capital: Bangkok. Waters are receding in 46 other provinces. However, early indicators are
that more than 13 million people (or one in five Thais) have been affected.

Tens of thousands of businesses were damaged, putting over a
million of employees at the risk of losing their jobs. Nearly a quarter of the crops were also

AMG Thailand last
week reported that they had escaped the high waters. But workers say the Baan
Sang Khom Childcare Center has since been flooded. The project is in the
middle of the slum. Center director
Pramwadee says both the center and the church are located near the sea, so the height of the flooding is determined by sea

Unfortunately, that means the streets around the church areas–including the neighboring communities and many of the children's home–are

In the wake of evacuation, parents in the area have
sent their children to family in less flood-prone areas, especially since the
government announced the schools in the flooded areas will remain closed until
the waters recede and the land dries out.

has a sponsorship program for 25-30
children at the center where the children get a meal and homework
support. On weekends, there is Bible
teaching and singing. All the parents are invited on special occasions such as
Christmas. Right now, things have been disrupted in the

To help flood victims, AMG put together survivor
packs including rice, noodles, canned fish, oil, fish sauce, tissue, and snacks, which are delivered by local church members.

Pray that many hearts will be
softened, and that many people will learn to trust God. Pray
too that the ministry will resume soon.

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