Got $5? It makes an eternal difference to kids.

By November 22, 2011

India (MNN) — What
does a dollar buy these days?  

In North America, it
buys a cup of coffee, a pair of socks, 2 packs of gum, or a changed future.

Rapids, Michigan-based Mission India
can do a lot more than that with a
buck. The population they work with is
in India. Nearly half of India's
population–over 463 million–are under the age of 20. They are members of an emerging world
superpower and the world's largest democracy.

the existing caste system condemns millions to a life of degrading labor and
social invisibility. Of the poor, 35% of
school-aged children are not in school. Many wind up working in dangerous situations in order to help support
their families. Child marriage is

Christians are eagerly waiting for the chance to introduce Children's Bible
Clubs into their communities. Mission India
provides indigenous ministry partners with in-depth training for volunteer club
leaders and materials in five age levels and more than 20 Indian languages.

Bible Clubs are introduced in a community through a 10-day program. In the clubs, children enjoy songs, skits, and
games, listen to Bible stories, memorize Scripture, and discover a loving

children in Children's Bible Clubs make a decision to follow Jesus, and these
children are bringing their parents to Christ. Every year, new churches grow
out of Children's Bible Clubs.

Children's Bible Clubs provide many important
social, educational, and spiritual benefits to children and families, introduce a loving God who created each child
in His image, teach children to pray confidently and expect answered prayers, teach
the importance of good nutrition and personal hygiene, encourage parents to
send their children to school, and teach youngsters to share their faith with
friends and family.

clubs also inspire children to serve their communities and become future
leaders. Got $5? Reach 5 Indian kids with a Children's Bible Club. Click here to find out more.


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