Thankful radio station ‘plays’ it forward with outreach

By June 12, 2012

Madagascar (MNN) — It's been five years since they first received a transmitter from HCJB Global, but the Radio Andrea station in Madagascar is still singing HCJB Global's praises. And not only do they remain grateful, but they're paying it forward.

"Since we gave them a 500-watt FM transmitter in 2007, you would think we gave them the world," Lee Sonius, HCJB Global Sub-Saharan Africa Region director, says of the United Christian Broadcasters-operated station. "That transmitter has not given them any trouble. The station is run completely by nationals. When the station launched, there were some missionaries from South Africa involved, but no longer."

"It's a great station–the only Christian station in the city," Sonius adds.

Radio Andrea has been able to do quite a bit in the last five years. Sonius says they are doing "a lot of healthcare and community development-type programming along with specific Christian outreach." They are able to air hope-filled content in both Malagasy and French about 15 hours a day.

In a recent visit to the station, Sonius says it was clear that the broadcasts were having a good impact on the community. The station manager used to be a traveling pastor and is now full-time at the station. Some of the places he used to preach are within listening distance of the station. The radio availability is greatly multiplying his efforts.

With the success of Radio Andrea in tow, United Christian Broadcasters is preparing to open a new partner station in Antsiranana with HCJB Global's help.

The success of yet another station may be predetermined by the atmosphere of openness in Madagascar. Sonius says the nation is Roman Catholic, animistic, and increasingly Muslim. But the younger generations especially seem to be open to the Gospel and evangelical Christianity.

Pray for ongoing efforts to share the message of Jesus Christ in Madagascar. The nation is only 8.2% evangelical Christian, according to the Joshua Project, and programs like those of Radio Andrea go a long way. To support HCJB Global in their work, click here.

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