Thanksgiving the platform for evangelism in the U-S.

By November 27, 2003

USA (MNN) — As the United State celebrates its Thanksgiving Holiday today, ministries are using it to reach out and help families. Those families are now turning around and helping others. Mel Trotter Ministries in Grand Rapids, Michigan is serving thousands with a “Great Thanksgiving Day Banquet.”

Tanisha McClyndn is a resident at Mel Trotter who is using her gifts to help others. “I feel that it’s a gift for me to come and help others that’s in need today. I thank God that I’m able to come down and help today.”

Volunteer Doug Wood says while they’re glad to help meet a physical need, it’s more important to supply spiritual bread. “As great as this free gift of the turkey and food is, there’s a greater free gift that we’re telling people about and that’s about the love of Christ and that He died for their sins and there’s a Savior.”

Wood says this is just a stepping stone for sharing more. He says, “With Christmas coming up, we want to remind people the Savior’s coming. That’s what Christmas is. The baby Jesus is born.:

The ministry has carried out the Thanksgiving tradition for years, serving a complete holiday meal for families suffering hard times as well as homeless men and women. People are also given a copy of the scriptures as they leave the banquet.

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