The 3rd Lausanne Congress comes to a close

By October 25, 2010

South Africa (MNN) — The 3rd Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization concluded yesterday in Cape Town, South Africa.

Wayne Pederson with HCJB Global has been there during the conferences. He says the congress closed with "prayer for Christians in China Sunday morning, an emphasis on global partnering in the proclamation of the Gospel in the afternoon, and the closing celebration with communion — sending the 4,300 delegates out to the world."

This week the conference focused on biblical truth. John Piper, author of "Let the Nations Be Glad," says, "The worst problem in the universe is that people are lost without Christ. They're going to hell without Jesus. We have the one message of a Savior — a Mediator — that can save people from destruction. I'd like the whole global church to embrace it, believe it, and then die to spread it for the good of His people and the glory of God."

The conference also focused on other religions, priorities, and relations.

Chairman of the event, Doug Birdsall, says, "I think for many people who come from places where the church is smaller–perhaps a small minority in the country, the sense of connectedness provides great strength and confidence in the Gospel. Maybe the most important thing is the church regaining its footing and its nerve for world evangelization."

Pederson says, "Sunday afternoon, the 400 U.S. delegates met to discuss how the church in the U.S. will respond to the call for global evangelization. The U.S. group is planning a follow up gathering in Orlando next April to create the evangelism strategy for America, and America to the world.

The highlight for Pederson: "A meeting with Christian leaders from North Africa who continue to share the Gospel despite heavy persecution. This is my final report from Cape Town, an experience in cross cultural unity that has changed lives and will continue to change the church and the world."

Pray for the Lausanne delegates as they head home. Pray that God will give them wisdom as they implement what they've learned and committed to during Cape Town 2010.

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