The challenge of discipling the MENA Church

By July 13, 2023

Middle East/North Africa (MNN) – The media ministry of SAT-7 serves a part of the world that has suffered numerous crises in recent years. Christians in the Middle East and North Africa region face the additional difficulty of persecution for their faith.

Photo courtesy of SAT-7 on Facebook.

CEO Rita El-Mounayer says, “And in the midst of all this, we are, SAT-7 broadcasts, or satellite social media, videos on demand, trying our best to give hope to these people, trying our best to tell them that we are there for you because we live in the region.”

SAT-7 staff have personally felt the effects of Turkiye’s devastating earthquakes, Iran’s government oppression, Lebanon’s crumbling economy, and more. They understand the difficulties of the region and bear the struggles of their audiences. Yet, through various media, SAT-7 continues to share hope and encouragement.

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El-Mounayer says, “This is the biggest challenge for SAT-7 today: how we can remain relevant with all the problems around and how we can give them the hope and the strength in Christ.”

So what can be done to encourage and disciple people living in this region? El-Mounayer says it should push us to our knees.

“We need to pray that whatever is happening now in the region, with the oppression and difficulties and some, you know, just persecution, the Church remain strong. To use all this pain, and oppression, to strengthen the church,” says El-Mounayer. “We really need to pray that what’s happening now on the ground, in Afghanistan, in Iran, in Algeria and other places, that these things will not harden the heart of people.”

Pray for the MENA Church. May the Holy Spirit use the programming and resources of SAT-7 to strengthen believers and bring many more to faith in Christ.

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Header photo courtesy of SAT-7.