The Christmas Story shines the Good News to all

By December 14, 2009

USA (MNN) — Gifts under the tree, a fire in the fireplace, family gathered in one spot to celebrate one day. Only one thing is missing: the reason for the celebration: Jesus Christ.

Faith Comes By Hearing has created an audio production of "The Christmas Story" that brings Christ's birth to life through audio Scripture.

"We actually took the audio portion of Scripture from Matthew and Luke which dealt with the birth of Jesus," says Faith Comes By Hearing spokesperson Jon Wilke. "We packaged it into a small program (about 10 and a half minutes long) to allow families to get together and listen to God's Word on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning and celebrate the reason for Christmas."

The program is filled with Scriptural texts, dramatic readings and sound that engage listeners in a different way than perhaps a routine Advent study would. The purpose of the Christmas Story is really to get people into the Word.

"The hope of Faith Comes By Hearing with this program is to let people engage in Scripture. There are so many people who don't actually read the Bible," says Wilke. "This is a way for us to equip families and local churches and pastors and radio stations with God's Word in a format that people can listen to and enjoy."

The audio production can be used to reach out to unbelieving family and friends as well. Many who wouldn't normally read the Bible would be willing to listen to a Christmas story at the holidays. Several secular radio stations have even picked up the Christmas Story to play during the season. It's a simple way to share the Good News with those around you and to let God's Word do the work that it is so powerful to complete.

"The Christmas Story" can be downloaded onto computers, phones and ipods for free on the Faith Comes By Hearing Web site. It will also be broadcast on over 150 radio Christian and secular radio stations.

Pray that the Good News of Christ would reach many this season as the Word of God is spoken through this ministry.

Click here to download your free mp3 of "The Christmas Story" or to listen to it on the Web site. If you would like to help the ministry of Faith Comes By Hearing by supporting audio Scripture productions internationally, click here.

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