The death of Sudan’s Vice-President causes riots in the streets

By August 4, 2005

Sudan (MNN) — Christians in Sudan had thought their prayers were answered. Those thoughts came crashing down over the weekend as the country’s first Vice-President, Doctor John Garang (gur-ANG) died in a helicopter crash.

His death has caused riots in the street. Reports indicate more than 80 people have died in the four days of unrest.

Speaking from Africa, Persecution Project Foundation’s Brad Phillips believes God used Garang. “God used him to forge a comprehensive peace agreement and dissolve a presidency of an officially Islamic state and form a new presidency on July 9, of which he was a part, opening the way for Christians to have freedom to worship without reprisal and not be subjected to Sharia law.”

Government officials say the helicopter went down in bad weather, but many Sudanese don’t believe it, says Phillips. “The reason why rioting is going on all over Sudan is because this is a regime that kills people. This is a regime that assassinates people. The danger is, the majority of people in Sudan that supported Dr. Garang are going to feel like they were robbed and he was killed.”

Phillips isn’t sure what Garang’s death will mean for the future of evangelism. “He opened a way for all types of evangelistic efforts that continue to go on in Sudan. I think that everybody needs to pray that what he achieved will not be reversed.”

Garang was instrumental in helping Persecution Project launch their Christian radio station, “Radio Peace” in Sudan. They’re currently broadcasting in seven languages daily.

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