Family relationships restored through Christ alone

By August 4, 2005

Lithuania (MNN) — In many areas of the former Soviet Union, families are in ruin. Many fathers have distanced themselves from their wives, children and even more importantly, God.

The Bridge International is helping to restore these relationships by holding family seminars, counseling sessions and evangelism outreach. Peter and Solvie Stohl are spearheading these efforts in Lithuania.

“Scripturally, we feel called to help restore relationships between fathers and children. Realistically, this involves dealing with rebellious structures in people’s hearts and character, especially those that cause breakdowns in relationships between husbands and wives, and parents and children,” says Peter Stohl.

The Stohls are holding marriage and family seminars at churches, which is drawing people from many religious backgrounds. They’re also training lay believers to be counselors, which is a huge need right now in the local church.

This is all being done to help the Lithuanian people understand their sin and help them know that there’s only One Person who can take that sin away, and that’s Christ alone. Pray that the Stohl’s ministry will not only repair families, but will bring them to Christ as a result.

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