Book of Hope’s “Godman” going through testing in Latin America

By August 4, 2005

Latin America (MNN) — “Godman” is a state-of-the-art 3D animated film on the life of Christ developed by Book of Hope International. The English version was released earlier this year, but the Spanish dub was released just a few weeks ago in Argentina. Now the Spanish version is being tested throughout Latin America.

Godman’s Jeremy Varo-Haub says they tested it for three weeks in Peru. “Over the three week period we were in a part of Lima called, Chorillos. And, then we were in Cusco and we showed the film to about 2,000 children in small groups in schools, in churches and public squares. In that situation as well, there were several kids in each of the showings who had never heard the story before.”

Book of Hope will continue testing before it’s released for public distribution, says Varo-Haub. “We’ll be testing it in several other countries. We’ll be in Mexico, in Paraguay, in Uruguay, in several Central American countries, in Costa Rica and Honduras. So, we’ll essentially be testing in all these different places and seeing exactly how it works best, fine tuning the ministry with it and then we’ll start rolling it out in large numbers.”

Funding is needed to help test the “Godman,” says Varo-Haub, “We have to purchase equipment to be able to show it. And, so, definitely we need as much funding as we can get for the packages themselves, for DVD players and projectors, for sound systems.”

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