The disabled in Ghana have hope that they’ve never had before.

By September 23, 2003

Ghana (MNN) — The disabled in the African country of Ghana now have hope that they’ve never had before. Thanks to the ministry of Oasis International , they’re receiving education to help earn a living, but they’re also hearing God’s word at the same time.

Oasis International’s Elvina Miller, “they want everything. Leadership training, finance (and other skilled trades). They’re also receiving Biblical training. By using the both together they’re working wonderfully for the Gospel.”

Miller says many are turning to Christ. She says they’re reaching out. “They go back to their home churches, if they don’t have a home church, they find a home church there. And, they get in these churches and they spread the Gospel. It’s such a testimony. It opens up vast doors.”

Miller is asking Christians to help with a 100-dollar gift. She says that goes a long way. “Over half of our students we give scholarships. They just don’t have it. It just isn’t there. $100 would take them through a whole course.”

Miller says they also need funding for a bus to get these special needs students to class. “These (special people) need to get to school. They’re from (all over).” If this need is met many more people could have hope that can only be found in Christ.

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