The ‘flood gates’ of India open

By January 22, 2010

India (MNN) — The tide is changing in India.

"For 2,000 years, India has been resistant to the Gospel. Now, all of a sudden, it seems that the flood gates have opened, and now is the time for us to reap the harvest in India," said David Rice, executive director of India Gospel League.

And that is exactly what IGL is doing.

"We are working strongly to raise up 1,000 new church planters to send into areas of India where there is absolutely no Gospel witness," Rice said. They hope to have all of these pastors ministering within three to five years.

As they go out, people will hear of Christ's love for the first time. Rice said with the number of workers they are sending out and based on past witnessing in new areas, they could see as many as two million people come to Christ in this time span.

For example, several years ago the ministry went into the state of Maharashtra. At the time, only one percent of the population was Christian. Today, around three percent of the population are evangelical believers.

Rice said they want to do this once again. However, they cannot do so without your help.

"These bold Indian brothers and sisters are going into places that you and I could never go. So our role is to undergird them with our prayer support, our financial support, and see a great harvest for the kingdom," he said.

Pray for these pastors as they look to expand Christ's Kingdom across India. Pray for their boldness and strength, even in the face of persecution.

You can also support them financially. It costs $100 per month to support one pastor, though IGL said a pastor should be self-sustaining within two years of the start of their ministry. In the meantime, $65 of this money will go to support the pastor and his or her family, while $35 will go toward Bibles and other supplies for the new church.

Rice said supporting one or more pastors is a good project for a small church or Sunday school class to take on. Click here to support these church planters today.

So far, IGL has seen God work tremendously through their ministry. "For every dollar we invest, based on our historical data, we'll see a person come to Christ."

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