The future of India depends on television, and one ministry is using that to extend it’s ministry outreach.

By February 28, 2005

India (MNN) — After twenty years of radio broadcasts in 92 languages to bring Christ to the nation of India, Gospel For Asia is stepping out in faith to reach an even greater audience, through television.

KP Yohannan, president of GFA, says “We saw the future of India and the subcontinent absolutely depends on television. The reason is, the governments of the countries like India, they are moving so fast to get every village hooked up with facilities for them to get the 32 Indian channels that are sponsored by the Indian government to unify the nation.”

In response to that, Yohannan says, “We realized, now is the time to launch, maybe, a television channel, and India is giving us permission to uplink from India. You’re talking about possibly over a billion people!”

The goal is to reach the decision-makers of the country with the Gospel, and Yohannan is very hopeful, “If we can touch the lives of these elite, these educated people, I tell you, our job to see the whole generation turn around is going to work. And that’s my dream, and I believe it’s the Lord’s time.”

But there are great needs. Yohannan says that while India has many exceptionally qualified people who could do the production work, they are not Christians. Therefore, they are looking for people who would be willing to volunteer short-term to go to India and help with programming and production work for this project.

The financial costs are great but the potential to reach a billion people for Christ is greater. Yohannan says, “This is the most fantastic opportunity in terms of seeing a whole generation turn around, and that’s what we are hoping.”

Gospel for Asia will be launching the program in September or October of this year. Yohannan says it’s nerve-racking, but very exciting, “Here’s 24-hours (of) sharing the Gospel, discipleship, to touch the nation.”

If you’d like to be involved through funding or volunteering in this unprecedented opportunity, call Gospel for Asia at 800-946-2742 or go to their website,

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