The global food crisis a threat to stability

By May 29, 2008

International  (MNN) — The global food crisis now affects
850 million people in 22 countries and kills 25,000 a day. Soaring prices have led to an increase in
hunger, in addition to protests and riots in Haiti, Egypt and Somalia.

International Program
Communications Specialist for Compassion International Kathy Redmond says
they're looking ahead and preparing for what is yet to come. They're bracing for another wave
of countries, not currently in poverty, falling into trouble over food prices, according to Redmond.

The price of rice has risen 74%
over the last year, which means that people who once ate two meals a day can
now afford to eat only one. The food
crisis is driving millions of people into poverty by pushing the basic costs of
living past their means.    

World leaders are being urged  to agree on assistance to the poor, including
food subsidies and cash transfers, according to a report released by the United

As a result, Compassion International is
increasing support levels to feed the children and their families by launching
the largest appeal ever. Redmond emphasizes the fact that they are not
a relief ministry. 

However, "What we're trying to do is a holistic
child-development mission. But we can't
do that now without becoming a relief agency. So in order to focus on the
physical needs of these children, to focus on ALL of the needs of these
children, to focus all the needs of these children, we have to address the

Redmond says their partnership
with other believers is the Gospel on feet.
"As Christians, this is a huge opportunity to share the power of
God with these people. Some of them send their kids to the projects because they
realize what it can do for them (the kids), but they're not yet believers. This is a huge opportunity, in some very
crucial areas, for us to basically be the face of God for many of these

The United Nation Food and
Agricultural Organization lists the most-vulnerable countries as follows: Eritrea, Burundi, Comoros, Tajikistan, Sierra
Leone, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Haiti, Zambia, Central African Republic,
Mozambique, Tanzania, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, Malawi, Cambodia, North Korea,
Rwanda, Botswana, Niger, and Kenya.

Compassion International  has established a fund to deal with the
crisis and works with more than 1 million children in Africa, Asia,
Central and South America and the Caribbean. Some 4,500 indigenous churches from more than
65 denominations partner with Compassion.

Click here if you can help sponsor a child, or if you can give to the global food crisis fund.

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