The gospel finds a unique distribution point in India

By April 28, 2009

India (MNN) – In January of 2007,
Bibles for the World embarked on a new journey that married evangelism and Scripture distribution in a country known for sectarian violence.

Pudaite with Bibles for the World says, "We are reaching a group of people that previously has not been reached with the Gospel by conventional missionary outreach" in India. 

In other words, they're filling
requests for special New Testaments. Typically, names and addresses are obtained from telephone directories to distribute Bibles to families. But this distribution is different. The
audience? The subscribers of
'India Today,' the most widely-read news magazine in India. 

Two years ago, the publisher of
the magazine told the Pudaites, "We have a database of 1.2 million addresses,
which we do not provide to anyone else. But since you are a privileged customer
and an old friend, we will provide it to you for the mailing of your New

In addition, they also
offered Bibles for the World their delivery system. "When we use their
delivery system, that means that there will be no returns — no undelivered
copies. It costs a few pennies more, but we feel it's well worth it."

This distribution is being extremely well
received. Pudaite says, "We
recently printed and distributed another 100,000 copies of 'No Greater
Love' New Testaments to 100,000 families. We have done 800,000 copies, and we have
400,000 copies to go in order to complete our distribution."   

But they can't do it alone. The ministry team has reached 1/3 of the
targeted readership, and they need your help. "It costs $2.25 to print and deliver a copy of the New Testament.
We are getting ready to place a printing order for another 100,000 copies.
Please join us in prayer and in giving as the Lord enables you."

Click here if you can help Bibles for the World reach a million
people with the Gospel.


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