The Gospel going into Iraq as violence continues

By December 14, 2004

Iraq (MNN) — As the world celebrated the one year anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s capture, violence continues in Iraq. Despite the violence, Christians are still excited about the prospects of outreach, especially among young people in Iraq.

Book of Hope Founder Bob Hoskins says while violence is pervasive throughout the Muslim world, they’re doing everything they can to get God’s word into Iraq. “In the face of all of the horror that’s taking place there, the good news is that it’s creating a lot of opportunity for the spread of the Gospel. We just shipped two containers of Books of Hope and Bibles and Christian materials into the country of Iraq. And, those items are being distributed even as we speak.”

The distribution isn’t just in Iraq. Hoskins says their team made up of Lebanese believers are doing incredible work. “They, over the last couple of months, were in the gulf states in Kuwait, in Qatar, and they found wide open doors to distribute the Book of Hope. (In) school assemblies they distributed over 12,000 books and the schools they couldn’t get to were asking, ‘when can you come back?’ and distribute the books. And, this is God’s Word.”

Book of Hope is working on a Muslim version of the story of Christ. Hoskins says, “We have distribution channels open to us so that in 2005 we will distribute a half-million copies in countries that are considered close to any missionary (or) any kind of Gospel activity.”

The Book of Hope publication combines the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to tell the life story of Jesus Christ – the most important part of the Scriptures. The book reads in chronological order and feature study questions that direct the reader back into the Word. There is also a clear plan of salvation at the end of the book so children know how to accept Christ as their personal Savior.

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