The Gospel on the airwaves

By January 31, 2020

Nigeria (MNN) — Trans World Radio (TWR) will be launching its new Oasis AM transmitter on February 1 to share the Gospel with Muslim and Christian listeners across Nigeria.

Abdoulaye Sangho of TWR says, “We are very excited to launch a new transmitter oriented to Nigeria. Radio is the only tool available to reach various people in the area. It’s difficult to travel in that area, difficult to build churches there. Radio can find the people where they are and radio can speak the language of the people.” Sangho has been in radio ministry for 36 years, and has been with TWR since 1996.

New opportunities

Photo courtesy of Trans World Radio

Sangho says the new transmitter will make it possible to air several programs, many designed for Muslim listeners. The Way of Righteousness is one such program, and focuses on the revelation of Jesus in the Old Testament. It has been translated into several Nigerian languages.

TWR also produces a program called The Prophets that discusses the lives of the prophets in the Bible. Muslims already know these writings, and Sangho points out that everyone can get something out of the lives and writings of these individuals.

“Also, we have a program called the Messiah, the Messiah is about the Gospel, about the life of Jesus, the sacrifice of Jesus, and about salvation,” Sangho says.

And the programs are not only for Muslims. Sangho says Christians in the country need access to solid biblical teaching and encouragement.

A poster for the Oasis project (Courtesy of Trans World Radio on Facebook)

“I would [want to] see a lot of impacts in Nigeria. But getting a sound biblical teaching is not easy. Prosperity gospel is around in the country. We need to bring the real Gospel and sound biblical doctrine so that people can be mature . . . in the Lord Jesus. That’s our objective. And we know that we have quality programs to make this happen, with the grace of God and the Holy Spirit.”

Challenges to face

But the journey hasn’t been easy. The transmitter, for instance, proved difficult to install, suffering strange mechanical problems. Many of the TWR workers were training on the job. The turbulent state of Nigeria didn’t help. Some voodoo curses were even used against station.

Sangho points out the need for prayer amid the difficulties of the region. The group Boko Haram continues to terrorize the countryside. “They are killing Muslims. They are killing Christians. So, your support by prayer is very important for us, because we know it’s a fight. It’s a challenge, but by the grace of God we will overcome.”

Pray also for Muslims who listen to the station, that they would receive the good news of Jesus Christ. To Help fund The Way of Righteousness, click here.

“I am personally convinced,” Sangho says, “that if we reach Nigeria with the Word of God, we will reach the rest of Africa more easily.”



More gospel-centered radio is coming to Nigeria (photo courtesy of AMG International)

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