The Gospel overcomes struggle and fear

By October 15, 2009

Bangladesh (MNN) — Flowers are usually welcome around the world. However, in rural Bangladesh, flowering bamboo plants have attracted unwelcome guests and set up the country for economic  struggles.

Attracted by flowering bamboo plants, rats invaded and began demolishing not
only bamboo blossoms but also rice crops. With no food source, Bangladesh
entered a famine. AMG International says recent flooding only intensified the
nation's problems.

"Between the flooding and the rats, the entire food
crop–rice and the other garden products–has been wiped out for the year
again," says AMG's Roger Thomas.

He adds that the people most affected by this crisis live in
the remote hills of Bangladesh. Their children come to AMG hostels so they can
attend school. AMG Disaster Relief teams
are distributing emergency food in these areas and assisting with funding to buy new seed.

Despite famine and flooding, Thomas says AMG teams have seen
a remarkable reaction to the Gospel.

"We've had a great response in Bangladesh," he
states. "The situation in the urban areas may be a little different, but when
you get out in the rural areas in the isolated villages, they're very open
to evangelism."

As AMG staff cares
for flood victims in Bangladesh, they need your prayers.  Ask God to guide and protect the teams. 

only way we can be successful is if we work under God's guidance and His
direction and provision; we need much prayer to be able to do that."

Thomas adds that AMG's Disaster Relief also needs your support. "Right now we need finances," he says. The
Disaster Relief program is short of funding, and Thomas says your gifts are more
than welcome.

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Disaster Relief program

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