The Gospel will be proclaimed as ‘The Nativity Story’ opens

By November 30, 2006

USA (MNN) — The new movie ‘The Nativity Story’ depicting the birth a Christ opens tomorrow and the American Tract Society is taking advantage of this new release to share the Gospel.

ATS’ Fern Knabel says they have a new tract to help do that. “This tract is actually called ‘The Nativity Story’ and it’s the same name as the movie and there’s actually scenes from the movie on the front of this cover. And, inside it has actual words from the movie and then it has the Scriptures that reference the exact same part of ‘The Nativity Story.'”

According to Knabel, this tract can help you reach your friends and family with the Gospel. “If you know people that are going to be seeing this movie (you can) give it to them ahead of time, so they can kind of read up on it. Or, if you hear a friend or someone that you know from the neighborhood has gone to the movie, it gives them an opportunity to see what the Bible says as well as except Christ as their Savior.”

This project is just another in the long line of culturally relevant tracts produced by ATS, says Knabel. “If people are talking about it, then we want to put something in their hands that really gets them interested in that subject. And so, since this movie will be highlighted, that’s what we want to talk about this Christmas.”

According to Knabel, tract distribution is an effective way of evangelism. She says people write or call every day who says they’ve come to Christ because of what they’ve read. “Through the course of the year we get thousands of these from people who were handed a tract at a grocery store, from somebody who found one on a bus seat, maybe their neighbor just came over and handed them a casserole or brownies and had a tract with it. But, it’s just amazing how God uses these tracts to the right person at the right time.”

Knabel says anyone can do this kind of evangelism. If you’d like to purchase these ‘The Nativity Story’ tracts, click here.

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