The hope of Christ may soon enter Iran through a refugee camp

By December 8, 2010

Iran (MNN) — As Christmas approaches,
many times ministries find open doors where they would not be otherwise. 

That is true for Vision Beyond Borders, who
found a way to minister in an Islamic Republic that often oppresses Christians. Discrimination in Iran has made it
difficult for even Muslim families who don't adhere to the more extreme views
of the religious leaders. As a result, many Iranian families are fleeing
Iran and seeking refuge in Iraq.

According to VBB, there are about 6,000
refugees who are living in refugee camps along the Iraq-Iran border. Conditions in these settlements are extremely primitive. There is little food, no
heat or electricity. The plight of
these people is under-reported, so there's little-to-no attention on the camps,
and no humanitarian groups currently helping.

VBB's team wants to
provide 100 of these families with heaters, blankets, food, and a copy of God's
Word in their native language. There is a church with 20 believers
that is willing to distribute. They
want to cultivate relationship with these
people; they want to be able to offer practical help for them along
with the hope of Jesus Christ.

It's an opportunity to
reach 6,000 Muslims with the Gospel. Because the project is a Christmas outreach, the ministry needs to act
quickly to get the funds to the Church in Iraq. The total project cost
is $11,700 and would provide them with heaters, food, blankets and the

VBB is excited about
the opportunity to reach so many Iranian Muslims with the Gospel at a time when
the doors are so open. Time is short, and
they are asking God to resource this project quickly to take advantage of the
window provided by Christmas. If you
want to help, click here.

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