The Internet boosts the ministry of Latin American youth outreaches.

By October 13, 2004

Mexico (MNN)–The Internet is widely acknowledged as the new missions front to be explored.

Through it, ministries are able to reach countless thousands who need resources and tools that they otherwise could not access.

Now, add to that the fact that Spanish-speakers are becoming a fast-growing language group, and you have a huge potential for ministry.

OC International’s Tim and Annette Gulick (g[ewe]-lick) are spearheading an internet ministry in Mexico. Tim explains their charge. “We are, in short, providing resources and training materials for people that work with youth in Latin America. This is all through the website, as well as through CD’s that we distribute, through friends and through conferences.”

Wife Annette says everything on the website is geared to Spanish-speakers throughout the world. “Our big project right now is providing an entire course that can be used by seminaries, Bible schools or individuals, that is the foundations of youth ministries in 21 animated classes.”

If you are fluent in Spanish, you can find website at:

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