The Language of a New Generation

By November 14, 2012

Iran (MNN) — At some point in their lives, almost 30% of Iranians have tried to express themselves through writing or reciting poetry. SAT-7, a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa, says that this refined form of expression has inspired a new program airing on SAT-7 PARS.

The program, Chandelier, introduces Christ through the window of Persian literature, history, and poetry. By watching this show, the audience will be better equipped to apply biblical values while participating in community life.

The Chandelier audience will have many ways to interact with the show. Presenter and Writer Hanif Aversafi challenges viewers to compose and send in poetry on specific topics.

During the weekly episode, he will ready the best poems on-air and discuss the content. By doing this, he encourages creativity, personal reflection, and self-expression.

After the program, there is follow-up interaction between the viewers and the Chandelier team. They continue online through a blog and Facebook page. Viewers who are too intimidated to call in or send letters, due to safety concerns, may choose to follow the show's blog or Facebook page anonymously.

The host, Mr. Aversafi, is both talented and passionate for God's Word. He has a lot of experience, having worked as an editor and presenter for Iranian Church of San Jose Television. The use of poetry and the presence of a younger presenter aim to attract Iran's younger generation to watch the program.

Chandelier began on September 23rd and will run for a total of 40 episodes. Each half-hour episode will contain a mini-documentary on the episode's topic. The show topics touch on struggles of the human condition, such as breaking the chains, grace, finding out the Truth, deception, God in nature, and a person's value.

Director Joseph Hovsepian has high hopes for this program. "Poetry and literature are not something of the past, but [their] roots are well grown, even in the younger generation. We believe Chandelier fills the gap and connects with a specific audience that other teaching Christian programs were unable to reach."

Ask God to help this program continue to grow and make an impact on the audience.

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