‘The Marketplace Million’

By September 24, 2010

International (MNN) — Global Advance
is casting a vision to reach a total of one million Marketplace Missionaries in
developing countries: "The Marketplace
Million." Its Marketplace Missions conferences
have already trained over 10,000 entrepreneurs and business professionals with
the economic skills and biblical principles necessary to lift their communities
out of poverty. 

"God is enlisting, mobilizing, and infusing Marketplace
throughout the world," said Jonathan Shibley with Global Advance. "He is looking for on-fire, full of the
Spirit, sold-out men and women functioning as bankers, lawyers, business
owners, retailers, teachers, entrepreneurs, physicians and homemakers to
penetrate this world with His ways, His justice, and His glory."

conferences train people in two areas: economic principles for lifting their
communities out of dependency, and biblical principles for running ethical
businesses and for spreading the Gospel. They include teaching on the topics of biblical principles for business,
starting a business and writing a business plan, integrity and character,
entrepreneurship, human resources, developing a marketing plan, consulting, and
a business leader's role in the kingdom of God. 

"The Lord has shown us that the Church in developing nations is ready
to learn skills and knowledge that will propel it out of economic dependency
living," Shibley explained. "One major
way this will happen is that droves of Marketplace Missionaries from the West
will invest slices of their time, talents and money toward the development of
our brothers and sisters in less-developed nations… God's people will begin to rise
out of economic oppression and injustice."

Global Advance is planning outreach for this fall to business people in
Peru, Ghana, Mexico, and India.  Every participant
will leave the conference with a "Marketplace Missions Manual" and the
opportunity to get plugged into an inter-industry and inter-denominational "Kingdom
Business Network" in his or her local community. 

"The lost will be attracted to our God because of His power and grace
at work outside of church walls," Shibley said. "The Church in developing nations will begin
to operate in not just spiritual strength, but fiscal strength."

Pray that through the work of ordinary
people, the church in the developing world can be in a better financial
position to share the love of Jesus. Learn how you can be a part of these

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