The spiritual harvest in Malawi ripens.

By November 25, 2003

Malawi (MNN)–Malawi, long considered Africa’s ‘jewel’, is filled with a warm people.

The spiritual atmosphere is one based on a strong Christian foundation. The church is growing, filled with a warm people and a heart for God. Those elements, combined with Hope Builders International, set the scene for a future vibrancy.

Hope Builders’ Johan Gous (hohs) says their focus is on saturation church planting, based on the “ripple” effect, starting with one trained evangelist at the hub. “He or she is taken into a position where we sustain them we don’t pay them a salary, as such, but we help them with a cash portion of their income, in such away that they are released to do spiritual work on a full-time basis.”

Gous explains that the subsidy allows the Christian workers freedom from their fields in order to concentrate on the ministry.

Hope Builders is working in conjunction with 31 other congregations in Malawi. Gous says the program has been a great success. “In one week, the personal evangelism, together with the JESUS Film outreaches brought 25-thosuand people into a position where they could go to church they could be served by a local church within walking distance.”

Please pray for the workers involved with this outreach. For many, Christianity goes against the tradition of their families, frequently putting pressure on the believers. Pray that their faith stands firm.

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