Christian radio ministry to young people meets a growing need.

By November 25, 2003

International (MNN)–Grim statistics indicate the generation of youth faces challenges they are ill-equipped to confront.

Suicide rates continue to rise througout Australia, Japan and parts of Europe. The missing piece of the puzzle is the hope of Christ.

Trans World Radio launched a trend-setting response in Australia, using the problems to reach the generation of desperation. Where the church was unable to help, TWR ‘s fast-paced youth program, ‘The Reality Zone’ moves to meet those needs.

TWR’s David McCreary explains the program’s content transcends borders, airing on more than 124 outlets worldwide.

McCreary says their teams teach through the music they play, and the topics they focus the shows on. “The issue-oriented format, it deals with topics such as sexuality, peer pressure, suicide, drug addiction, you name it, and it’s just really engaging, hosted by young people. It’s for young people by young people.”

More than just another issue show, though, McCreary says this one takes the issues and looks at them through a biblical perspective, driving the listeners to the Gospel.

He says they decide the issues by the feedback they’re getting. “We get letters from listeners, we get phone calls, we get emails from young people saying, ‘This is what I’m struggling with: I’m depressed, I have no hope, is God real?’ So, that’s what we offer them is real solutions to real problems.”

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