The Ukrainian diaspora in Poland is spreading the Gospel

By August 4, 2023

Poland (MNN) — Poland is on high alert as they report Russia’s mercenary Wagner group is moving closer to the Polish border with Belarus. The NATO country voiced concerns about Russian provocation.

Evangelism at Basilica of Our Lady of Licheń, Poland. (Photo, caption courtesy of e3 Partners)

Poland has been a safe haven for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the Russian invasion. Around 4 million Ukrainians have passed through or stayed in Poland since the start of the war.

Yet, there is good news. Mike Jorgensen, e3 Partners’ Director of Global Migration Initiatives, says Ukrainian Christians are spreading the Gospel as they go.

“The Ukrainian Church was one of the strongest churches in Europe. I was told by a Polish Baptist pastor that they now estimate there [are] more Ukrainian Baptists in Poland than there are Polish Baptists in Poland.”

Displaced children from Ukraine are also learning the local languages in their new host countries faster than adults. Ukrainian pastors tell e3 they hope to raise up a new generation of diaspora missionaries.

E3 is working with Ukrainian pastors in Poland and even Ukraine for missions work.

Training Polish and Ukrainian believers. (Photo, caption courtesy of e3 Partners)

Jorgensen says, “We first went in offering to do trauma healing training…and we’ve continued to do Zoom trainings with leaders back in Kyiv. We’ve also offered evangelism and discipleship training and church planting training.”

Pray for an equipped and missional Ukrainian Church, “that God would heal the trauma and then give them this perspective of being missionaries, wherever it is they end up.”

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Header photo courtesy of Marjan Blan/Unsplash.